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Voices of The Light Factory




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Voices of The Light Factory
Charlotte, NC

The Light Factory is a museum dedicated to photography, film, and related light-generated mediums. Our exhibitions present aesthetic excellence in contemporary and historic photography and film. The thematic content of our exhibits stimulates dialogue, challenges audiences and encourages artists to test new ideas. The Light Factory offers education and outreach programs designed to teach people of all ages to communicate using the photo and film mediums and to be able to interpret the messages inherent in the images they see both in the museum and in mass media. Following are the values that serve as the foundation for our vision, our mission, and our programs. We believe in…

-the transformative power of photography and film
-engaging the community through exhibitions and education
-creating media literacy among all
-evoking reactions and responses from our audience
-stimulating creative commentary
Each year thousands of people visit The Light Factory at our home in Uptown Charlotte's Spirit Square to experience our exhibitions, take classes, hear talks, and see films. We hope that you will join us as a visitor and participating member.

Please contact us for more information.

Fun to watch video!

Courtesy of Joanne Hock and Emulsion Films

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